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1. What is the Second Life world?

Second Life is a free 3D virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. To get started, you will need to download the Second Life viewer. Once installed, you will be able to walk, "teleport" or even fly to thousands of exciting 3D locations. You can also use voice and text chat to communicate with other real people from around the world.
2. Is Second Life a game?

Yes and no. While the Second Life interface and display are similar to most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (or MMORPGs), there are two key, unique differences:

1. Creativity: The Second Life virtual world provides almost unlimited freedom to its Residents. This world really is whatever you make it. If you want to hang out with your friends in a garden or nightclub, you can. If you want to go shopping or fight dragons, you can. If you want to start a business, create a game or build a skyscraper you can. It’s up to you.
2. Ownership: Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, Residents can start a Basic account for FREE. Additional Basic accounts cost a one-time flat fee of just $9.95. If you choose to get land to live, work and build on, you pay a monthly lease fee based on the amount of land you have. You also own anything you create—Residents retain intellectual property rights over their in-world creations.

3. Can I die in Second Life?

No. In some designated locations, there are some combat roleplaying elements that include a health meter. But even in these areas, a Resident can never truly "die" and you will never lose your avatar or inventory. You can fly and even explore underwater areas without fear of harm. Also see "Death and Other "First Life" Worries".
4. Who will I meet there? Are there real people in Second Life?
Avatars and Real People

Second Life is a virtual world with a Resident population of millions of real people from around the world. Each person is represented by an avatar that represents their chosen digital persona. They are gamers, housewives, artists, musicians, programmers, lawyers, firemen, political activists, college students, business owners, active duty military, architects, and medical doctors, to name just a few. There are even a fair number who are professional creators in Second Life. If you have a headset, you can even talk and use text chat for free.
5. What if someone annoys me in Second Life? Can I "mute" or report them?
How to mute another avatar or resident

Yes. Like real life, you may encounter people in Second Life that you wish to ignore. Unlike real life, in the Second Life virtual world there is a simple button that you can click to mute them. If only real life were that easy. Click here for more info on muting Residents. If you believe that another Resident is violating our Terms of Service (TOS) or Community Guidelines, you can file an abuse report. Here is a video tutorial on how to report abuse or handle griefing.

Here are some other useful links:

* Guide to Filing an Abuse Report
* Online Safety Guide
* Guide to Freezing, Banning or Ejecting
* Safeguarding your account and protecting your password
* Email Scam (Phishing)

6. How do I personalize my avatar?

When you register for your free Second Life account and become a Resident, you have the option to select from several "default" avatars.

Many choose to personalize their body shape and clothing even further. Using L$, you can buy everything from designer clothing to custom skins and hair from the many 3D shops inside the Second Life virtual world. Once inside, simply use the Search button and type in what you are looking for.

You can also browse for virtual goods on the Web at our shopping site Xstreet SL. Virtual items purchased on the Web will be delivered to you immediately inworld or, if you are not logged in, they will be waiting for you and your avatar the next time you enter Second Life.

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7. Do other Residents know my real name?

Not unless you choose to tell them. When you register and become a Resident of Second Life, you choose a unique name for your new digital persona (i.e. avatar). Some people create an identity that is similar to their real lives, while many others create alternative personas that are unlike their "real world" existence. The choice is yours.
8. How much does Second Life cost?

A single Basic account is FREE. Additional Basic accounts cost a $9.95 one-time fee. Premium accounts (required for getting land) start at $9.95/month and up. See Pricing for details.
9. Is there free stuff?

Yes! Although there are many virtual world shops where you can buy things with L$, there are also places that offer free items, such as clothing and accessories for your avatar. As a new Resident, you also have a sampling of free items in your inventory.
10. How do I get Linden™ dollars (L$)? What if I run out?
How to get Linden™ dollars

Once you go inworld, you'll may wish to explore shopping sites or other services that ask for payment of a Linden™ dollar. This is the official unit of trade in the Second Life virtual world. You can purchase L$ directly from our Linden Dollar Exchange (requires login) or from other third party websites. Residents with Premium accounts will be given a small weekly stipend of L$. All Residents can earn L$ by making and selling goods and services, holding events, and playing games.

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11. Are kids allowed in Second Life?

No. You must be 18 years or older to join the Second Life virtual world. However, we encourage teens between the age 13-17 to check out Teen Second Life.

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12. Can I get land in Second Life?

Yes. Having land in Second Life lets you have an on-going presence in the virtual world, for your home, your business, or whatever other special place you've created. Even when you're not online, your friends or customers can stop by to leave you a message or shop for your latest creation. Think of it as your home away from home!

Leasing rates start from $9.95/month for a 512 square meter parcel of land. See the Beginning Landowners FAQ for more information.
13. Can I start my own business in Second Life?

Yes. Shopping is a big part of the Second Life experience for many Residents. You can buy and sell anything that can be made inworld, from clothes, skins, wigs, jewelry, and custom animations for avatars, to furniture, buildings, weapons, vehicles, games, and more. Once you’re ready to bring your products to the market, it’s simply a matter of buying or renting property, and opening up a shop. There are also Resident-owned malls which charge rental fees, or take a cut of your proceeds. As in the real world, your challenge is to build a reputation for quality or creativity that earns a steady stream of customers.
14. I heard about a particular 3D location or event within Second Life. How do I find it?

Once you enter Second Life, you can find a place or person using the Search button at the bottom of your screen. The Search window includes an updated list of live activities under the Events tab. The Showcase tab under Search has a great list of suggested places to explore, including locations categorized by the themes of music, arts & culture, education and more. In addition to the Search window, if you know the specific name of your desired virtual world region, you can locate it via the search box in the Map window.

Outside the Second Life world, there are official discussion Forums, available to members at These cover a wide range of subjects, including upcoming projects in search of talented volunteers, and classified ads for buyers in search of sellers (and vice versa.) Several dozen Resident-run fansites, commercial websites and blogs also provide these services, and New World Notes is a great weekly news resource on current events, controversies, and the latest in Resident creativity.

Also learn about using SLurls and visit

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